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Auction Planning Guide


What to Sell?

In all my years in the Auction business, this is a questionsthat comes up almost always in estate type sales. Either you can't make up your mind if you want to keep the item or there are multiple famiy members that want the item.

Rule #1: If you have to think about if you want to sell or not, you don't really want it.

Rule #2: When several family members all say they want an item put it in the aution and let them bid on it. Chances are if they can't get it for freethey really don't want it.

When to Sell?

Just about anytime is good for an Auction. One company I know has their biggest sale of the year annually every January 1st.

Some seasonal items are the exception to the rule. Your boat might not bring as much at the beginning of winter, etc.

Finding an Auctioneer!

All auctioneers are not alike! Ask someone who attends various auctions. Does the auctioneer pull anything shady on the bidders? If they are a regular auction goer, they'll know.

You may know someone who has had an auction. Ask them pertinent questions. Did the auctioneer have the sellers interest at heart? Did they receive their copy of the sales tickets right after the auction? How long did it take them to get their check? And probably the most important question, did the auctioneer present the seller with a professional proposal and contract with all the terms, conditions and expenses in writing? If they didn't...find someone else!

You can check your state Auction Association or the National Auctioneers Association to find a list of auctioneers in your state.

Auctioneer Designations!

You want a professional to do the best job and get the most money possible. So you wouldn't be smart to hire someone who hasn't gone the extra mile to be at the top of their profession.