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August 2012

Greg Storey president of Heart G is nominated for an unpresidented 3rd term as vice-president and then president of the Ark Valley Board of Realtors

December 31, 2011

Heart G ends the year with 100% of a;ll Real Estate properties that were offered via auction this year sold.

March 2011

Heart G has closed the deal to do a new radio show called "Auction Talk" whose purpose will be to entertain and inform the public on the many facets of the Auction industry.

December 31, 2010

Heart G ends the year with 67% of all Real Estate properties that were offered via auctions this year sold.

September 2010

Greg Storey is once again named "Realtor of the Year" by the Ark Valley Board of Realtors.

February 4, 2009

Heart G unviels a new "No Fee" internet auction.

January 25, 2009

Heart G launches new "Video Auction Previews". This feature allows people a better preview of upcoming Auction items and highlights. We now have the capability to also put multiple videos on a single web page highlighting individual items or peices of equipment in use.

Using this feature will totlly change the way Auctions are advertised and can drastically increase the bidder base at Auctions.

October 11, 2008

The company breaks ground for Southern Colorado by running the computer internet portion of a live auction in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania fromour La Junta office.

June 1, 2008

Using new innovative marketing techniques Heart G has sold more real estate in the first 5 months of 2008 than in any 12 month period ever in the companies history, proving that real estate can still be sold in today's market.

May 31, 2008

After the fire that devistated Crowley County on April 15th Heart G holds a benefit Auction in La Junta raising over $9100 to help the fire victims.

September 2007

Heart G unveils a major company expansion.

July 30, 2007

Heart G again breaks ground by auctioning a classic 1976 Firebird located in Iowa to a buyer in Minnesota. This was accomplished from our main office in Colorado via a proxibid internet Auction. Bidders registered from as far away as Iceland and the United Arab Emerites.














May 25, 2007

Heart G unveils proxibiding timed internet Auctions and sells this rare 1916 Dodge touring car in Colorado to a San Deigo, California buyer. Click HERE to see a short video of the California delivery.

 May 5, 2007

Heart G breaks new ground with a "Live Internet Only" Auction. This is the first auction of this type in the world. Buyers from as far away as Greece participate.

January 2007

In the midst of a Colorado blizzard, Heart G expands and adds a sign division. This allows them to individualize each Auction or Real Estate signage to the specific sale or property as well as producing the signs in a matter of hours and not days.

January 2007

Greg Storey, AARE is voted "Realtor of The Year".

September 2006

Greg Storey becomes president of the Arkansas Valley Board of Realtors.

June 6, 2006

The National Auctioneers Association announced today that Greg A Storey has completed the extensive required training and education to become 1 of only 267 auctioneers throughout all of North America who have acheived the prestigious Accredited Auctioneer in Real Estate designation.

October 2005

Greg Storey accepts the Souring Eagle Award for the Arkansas Valley Board of Realtors for their work within the Arkansas Valley communities from the Colorado Association of Realtors.

September 2005

Greg Storey is elected President Elect of the Ark Valley Board of Realtors.

September 3, 2005

Heart G leads Southern Colorado by holding the first live internet Real Estate Auction with record bidders.

May 18, 2005

After just 2 short years in Real Estate, Greg Storey of Heart G Auction expands and opens Heart G Realty.

December 4, 2004

 Heart G unveils live internet bidding during onsite Auctions increasing the buyer base and sale prices.

October 23, 2003

Heart G holds it's first multi-par Real Estate Auction.

June 2003

Heart G becomes the only Southern Colorado Auction company to accept credit cards.

March 19, 2003

Heart G pioneers new phone bidding methods in Real Estate Auctions.

January 2002

Greg A Storey gets his Colorado Real Estate license and joins the ranks of the National Association of Realtors.

August 2000

Greg A Storey is approved for membership in the Colorado Auctioneers Association.

June 2000

Greg Storey becomes a certified professional Auctioneer, joins the National Auctioneers Association and opens Heart G Auction Service.